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A registered charity, number 286601, Lawn Community Association was constituted in November 1981 and the constitution revised in 1997 and 2004.  The main aim of the Association is to “foster the spirit of the community through the provision of a community facility”.  


The Association:

  • is represented  in the Swindon Community Centres Network for community organisations;
  • is a member of the local council for voluntary service; and receives a great deal of information from the local authority and other bodies in line with open and direct consultation policies.


All residents within the Area of Benefit (generally known as the Lawn Area and designated by the local authority) are members of the Association.  A full voting member pays £1 per person per year.


An Annual General Meeting is held every year to which all residents are invited.  Fully paid up members may vote. Associate membership is open to anyone living outside the area of benefit subject to the approval of the General Committee.  Associate members elect two representatives who may vote on their behalf. Local groups are invited to affiliate to the Association and are entitled to one vote.  


There are Sections of the Association which are special interest groups formed by local residents. A newsletter is printed and distributed by volunteers three times a year to approximately 1,500 homes in the Lawn area.  


Information about activities is published in the Swindon Advertiser and on local radio stations. Information about activities run by the Association and its Affiliated Groups is publicised on the notice board outside the centre.  The Association’s General Committee comprises Honorary Officers, twenty elected members and a representative from each of the affiliated groups.  There are bi-monthly General Committee meetings;  the minutes are filed in the centre.  


There is an Executive Committee appointed to run the day-to-day affairs of the Community Association.  Sub-Committees with special responsibilities appointed:  Social which organises events on behalf of the Community Association;  Finance;  Maintenance;  Publicity and Web Site.  

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