Equity & Diversity Policy

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Equality and Diversity Policy

This policy applies to all Association Trustees, employees and contractors, volunteers, Members and others organising or participating in Association activities and events, whether at the Lawn Community Centre or elsewhere.  Adherence to the policy is an individual and organisation responsibility and breaches will be dealt with under the Association’s Complaints Procedure.

The Community Centre is wheelchair accessible, with a lift to the first floor and permanent or portable loop systems in all hireable rooms.

The Association’s objectives and membership rules are set out in the LCA Constitution, copies of which are available from the Centre Office.  Equality is a core value of the Association and underpins all aspects of its operation.

The aim of the policy is to ensure that all Members and guests of the Association may participate fully in Association activities free from prejudice, stereotyping, bullying or harassment, that none shall receive less favourable treatment by the Association or any partner event organiser on the grounds of their age, disability (including sensory and physical impairment, learning difficulties and mental health), race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sex, gender or marital/civil partnership status, religion or belief, sexual orientation, financial or economic status.

Association meetings, events and other activities will be made as accessible and welcoming as possible to all groups and individuals, bearing in mind the following potential issues:

  • Access and planning: Account to be taken of the physical and sensory needs of all known or likely participants? If some groups or individuals will be excluded, is this justifiable?
  • Assessment: Account to be taken of diversity issues such as culture and language. Are we ensuring we do not unwittingly give offence?
  • Interaction with others: How might another person experience the interaction? Are we listening and hearing what they have to say from their perspective?
  • Opportunity: Have we given all participants the opportunity to contribute in their own way, taking account of language and sensory issues?
  • Decision making: Is there a potential for a decision to have an adverse effect on any group or individual, direct or indirect? If so, is this justifiable?

This policy will be reviewed by the Association Trustees on a regular basis.


29 October 2018

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