Associate Members

Associate membership is open to anyone living outside the area of benefit subject to the approval of the General Committee.  Each member pays £1 per year.


At their AGM in February each year, Associate members elect two representatives who may vote at the LCA AGM on their behalf.


If anyone would like to be considered as one of the Associate Members' representatives before their AGM, a cut-out form is included in the relevant LCA Newsletter for confirmation (or not) of AGM attendance and willingness to volunteer as a representative. Should more than two persons volunteer, a secret ballot will be carried out during the AGM. A cut-out form is also included for convenience when paying the £1 annual subscription.


Three alternatives are offered to Associate Members to ensure the easiest way for them to get their newsletters or membership cards:


  • Group Leaders collect their members' newsletters from the Black Case in the office.  
  • Individual members collect newsletters from the office (kept in Black Case along with membership cards).  
  • If individual members provide three second class stamps the newsletter will be posted to them.


If any more information is required please contact the Office at the Community Centre.  Phone:  01793 651806,


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