LCA Volunteers

The Association is managed and run entirely by volunteers who live in the area.  This  enables us to keep in touch with the Lawn Community, and we hope,  provide social, educational and welfare opportunities at the Community Centre and also support the wider Community in a variety of ways.  


We are always anxious to recruit volunteers for various tasks. We are more than grateful to everyone who takes on a permanent role but would like many more volunteers to be involved in one-off events such as our “Band on the Green”.   We are only able to reach out to the wider community by holding visible events outside the walls of the Community Centre.  It is vital that we can share the tasks with as many people as possible.  


There are many areas where volunteers are needed and we would welcome enquiries to discuss opportunities.  Details of current key areas where more support is needed are included in the newsletter and on the website from time to time.




One-to-one sessions are held, as well as regular training sessions to update our team of volunteers about any issues, new policies or equipment and to invite questions or comments.  Established volunteers are encouraged to come and share their wealth of experience gained with newer recruits and those coming along (hopefully with family, friends or neighbours) just to find out more about what they may be able to be involved with.  




To join us and become a part of the successful team please contact the Centre Office on 01793 651806 and leave a message with contact details.  To enquire about joining the LCA General Committee as a Trustee please contact the LCA Secretary.  

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