General Amenities

GENERAL:  The centre is fully accessible and on a major bus route with a small public car park adjacent to the building, bicycle racks and a convenience store opposite.

Facilities include:  a toilet for disabled people on the ground floor; a lift to the first floor; all equipment can be moved between floors via the lift; toilets on both floors; no steps inside the building; a ramp and two parking spaces for disabled people immediately outside; hearing loop in main hall and Room 1; and tables and chairs in all rooms.  Room 2 has air conditioning and the main hall has a fresh air circulation system and air conditioning.

SECURITY:  It is the Lawn Community Association policy to have the reception office manned when the building is in use, as far as is practicable, given that volunteers wholly operate the building.  

CONFERENCE FACILITIES:  White board in every room (upstairs); sets of marker pens and rubbers in reception; flip chart (stand only).  Main hall theatre system includes TV reception; radio microphones, large pull-down screen and ceiling-mounted projector.



For everyday use: cups saucers and tea plates for approximately 60 people, teaspoons, tea pots, thermos jugs, kettles, tea urns, large jugs, trays and miscellaneous items such as a corkscrew.  Saucepans, fridge, freezer, dish washer, cooker and a microwave (instructions provided).  Please bring your own knives and tea towels.  

For party use: sufficient cutlery and crockery for 100 people, table knives and forks, dessert spoons, soup spoons, tea spoons, cups, saucers and tea plates, dinner plates, soup/dessert plates, glass tumblers, milk jugs, sugar bowls and cruets.     

Room One:  Tables and chairs, wheelchair-friendly kitchen facilities and pull-down screen.

Cleaning equipment:  vacuum cleaner, toilet rolls, etc, kept in store cupboard in toilet for disabled people.  Brooms, mops, dustpan and brush in the cupboard in the corridor.  

Games equipment:  Table tennis table, electric piano, cassette/CD player, card games, board games (please request when booking).  


There is a tea bar situated in Room 2 with hot water boiler, cups, saucers and tea plates for approximately 60 people.  10 baize-covered card tables and 10 green card table cloths are kept in the upstairs cupboard in room 2.  There is a Vacuum cleaner in the upstairs landing store.   


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